Are you ready to join a great team?
Or do you just want to go for a drink first?

Why? Because we are not an ordinary management consultancy. Here at bpExperts you will find a positive environment
in which everyone, regardless of their position, is viewed as equally valuable for the team. You will experience a great family
in which people care for each other and act upon common values which guide us in our every day life. Also, we continously challenge each
other to achieve highest excellence for our customers while supporting everyone in bringing their full potential to light!
Join us – and work in an enriching and fulfilling environment.

We care. We act. We deliver.

Mission Statement: 

We are a trusted advisor in industrial enterprises on all aspects of process centric business transformations. 

Our company values endorse culturally diverse, highly motivated and proficient individuals which engage directly with our client teams, add hands on support and strive for the success of their initiatives

Vision Statement 

We work with our customers to embed the capabilities for continuous transformation into the fabric of the organisation.   

Company Values.png

Our people


At bpExperts we celebrate diversity. We are a German company that comprises individuals from 18 different countries and where English and German are our company languages. Moreover, 50 % of our employees are female.

Our engagement into diversity helps us succeed. It also supports us in understanding our different customers and provide them with more innovative solutions.

Moreover, we have a very flat hierarchy. No matter which position you have, your input will always be heared and considered. We believe that we can achieve more if we work as a team.

Work life balance at bpExperts


At bpExperts we put a big focus on our employees and try to make sure that they can also enjoy their private life while working with us. Therefore, we have different initiatives to support our employees.

For example, employees who cannot travel five days per week because they want to spend more time with their family, can make use of our home office opportunities which give them the possibility to work remotely. This also allows flexibility to decide when and where you want to finalize your work.

Another initiative is an employee benefit program which we provide to all our employees. It can be used for different things such as housekeeping, laundry or a recovering visit at the spa. This takes your thoughts away from work and helps you relax after a challenging day .